Microsoft Loses 25 Percent Marketshare

Microsoft’s worldwide marketshare of mobile OS has declined by over 25 percent

Research company Gartner says its latest statistics show a drop in the Microsoft mobile OS marketshare of over 25 percent in the past year.

It research show that this time last year the company had 11 percent of the market, but now have just under 8 percent.

The company must be hoping that the 6.5 version of the OS will take off, and strengthen what could otherwise be another weak quarter.

Symbian kept its place at number one with over 44 percent of the market, but that was down five percent over the last quarter – not surprising with the number of new systems coming online. Apple’s share went up to just over 17 percent from 13 percent, while RIM increased its share to almost 21 percent.

Does this mean Windows mobile is about to be yesterday’s news on the smartphone market? Of course not, but those guys at head office will be sweating bullets until the next quarter results come out.