Microsoft admits New Xbox Experience issues

For some people, the New Xbox Experience brought with it New Xbox Bugs which Microsoft have admitted exist.

The New Xbox Experience was good for some and not so good for others – especially when you’re forced to use your Xbox without sound.

Microsoft have admitted the sound problems were a result of the New Xbox Experience, which stems from an update to the protocol used to establish connections between the Xbox and the audio for users of HDMI cables.

The TV’s were reported to work fine before the update, and some models, like the BenQ G2400W monitor, have been confirmed as incompatible with the update although Microsoft are yet to announce an official list.

In a statement to Shacknews, Microsoft admitted some users were suffering from audio problems.

While the vast majority of our users worldwide are enjoying the New Xbox Experience with no problems, we are aware that a handful of Xbox LIVE users are experiencing audio issues, and are diligently monitoring this issue and working towards a solution. We appreciate our members’ enthusiasm and patience, and apologize for any inconveniences.

A temporary workaround using RCA cables for analog sound has been confirmed, although this may not be available on every TV or monitor.

Additionally, users can remove the hard drive, turn on the Xbox 360 and re-insert the hard drive when the dashboard boots up, although this is an unreliable fix and has to be done every time you want to play with sound.

Source: Shacknews