Microchip pays off for owners

Microchipping your pets is worth the cost, as George the cat (not pictured) will tell you.

A lot of owners microchip their pets these days, but others don’t citing costs and anxiety over what it might do to their loved ones.

So here’s a story to help you change your mind. It’s about George, pet of Melinda Merman and Frank Walburg.

George was found by a mobile home park manager, who discovered the sick feline and turned him into an animal hospital.

Merman and Walburg didn’t expect to see George again though. After all, Merman had been searching for their loved one, looking at animal shelters and writing to veterinarians in search for him.

And that’s because the last time the three were united was back in 1995.

George, who was half the weight his owners’ remember, is now in good health and back to jumping at the light on the wall – just the way he used to 13 years ago.

Source: AP