McDonald’s to offer free Wi-Fi

McDonald’s will provide free Wi-Fi Internet access across 720 restaurants around Australia.

A partnership between network security provider Earthwave and global fast-food giant McDonald’s will give customers free Wi-Fi access.

The internet access will be available at 720 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

Earthwave will attach their Clean Pipes technology to the service, blocking pornography and material about hacking, bomb-making and terrorism.

Clean Pipes also safeguards against threats from excess internet traffic caused by people flooding the wi-Fi service.

Earthwave chief executive Carlo Minassian says Earthwave have agreed to and will enforce a security policy set down by McDonald’s.

“The policy includes more than 100 pre-defined categories, as well as black and white lists that McDonald’s can control,” he said. “Authorised managers will have access to a secure Earthport portal via an RSA SecurID token, where they can make changes to their policy.”

“We’ve adopted an architectural, defence in-depth approach as the best way of securing data belonging to customers, staff and partners across a number of sites.” said Minassian.

Source: The Australian