Marshall – of guitar amp fame – is the newest Android smartphone manufacturer

Guitar amp manufacturer Marshall is the latest company to try its hand at building an Android smartphone. Announced overnight, the Marshall "London" is a flagship phone designed for music.

Aesthetically, the London takes its cues from Marshall's line of guitar amps, featuring textured skin and brass detailing. While the rectangular form-factor won't shock anyone, it has a few unique additions. The most prominent of these is two audio outputs, allowing users to plug two pairs of headphones in at a single time. The London also features a dedicated "M" button for quickly opening a user's music library, dual front-facing speakers, and a scroll wheel for adjusting volume.

In terms of hardware, the London features a somewhat entry-level Snapdragon 410 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, a 2500mAh removable battery and 4G connectivity. Its rear camera shoots at 8MP, while its front-facing camera can take 2MP selfies. The phone will ship running Lollipop. Marshall claims the London features a high quality internal sound card.

Marshall is also including a pair of its Mode In-Ear headphones in the box, which retail for approximately AUD$135.

It is unclear where the Marshall London will be available locally, but its international price converts to approximately AUD$790. The handset will be available from mid-August internationally.  

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