Man video blogs his life, 24/7

Taking v-logging to the next level, Justin Kan has strapped a camera to the side of his head, and he won’t turn it off.

For over a week, Kan has been video blogging nonstop, 24/7. Everything he does (including going to the bathroom) streams live on, where his phone number is posted for fans to call him and a chat room facilitates discussion.

He calls it “lifecasting.”

“I’ve always had the theory that people like watching people,” Kan, a 23-year-old Yale graduate, told The Associated Press in an interview over the phone from his San Francisco apartment — and broadcast on, naturally.

The experiment might recall movies like “EDtv” or “The Truman Show.” After going live around the stroke of midnight on March 19, the site promptly attracted attention thanks to coverage from blogs. Kan, who runs with three friends, tested the site privately for more than two months, he says.

Kan believes he has a special opportunity to live “an open life,” and says the experience has made him more positive. It’s hard to lie or talk behind someone’s back when it’s visible for everyone to see.

The lack of privacy doesn’t bother Kan, whose lone refuge is instant messaging, which can’t be read given the low resolution of the broadcast. He says his very public life is “reflective of a cultural change” in a generation that posts its biographies on MySpace and bedroom musings on YouTube.

Source: Yahoo! News

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