Loewe releases the slim Individual

The Individual TV is available in two design versions – either as Compose with a glass contrast filter screen or as Selection with high gloss front frame.

The Compose model offers 400Hz with intelligent backlight control for even greater precision of movement on models 40" and above. All models feature LED backlighting, ensuring high colour reproduction and an improved contrast ratio whilst maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.

Optionally, or as standard with the Compose series, WLAN allows rapid access to online content. With Loewe MediaHome, images, music and videos can be played via USB or the network – and with MediaNet, Internet content such as Internet radio, Internet video or Web TV can be viewed.

With MediaUpdate, every customer can benefit from the opportunity of receiving new functions via software update. The dual tuner versions of the Individual TV are equipped with an integrated Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder. With 250GB memory there is plenty of space for HD recordings.

The slim line housing in anodised aluminium can be tailored to your own personal taste with interchangeable insets from high-quality materials. Through the application of cutting-edge LED backlighting it is possible to decrease energy consumption by 45% in comparison to its predecessor.

The OPC function regulates the backlight power and the eco-standard energy-saving mode initiate further energy savings when activated. The Individual is also equipped with a power switch for 0 Watt consumption when switched off.

A variety of floor stands, wall solutions and racks allow for the integration of audio components such as the Loewe Sound Projector. The TV cable cover and the hidden cable routing ensure an elegant appearance.

Each television is available with or without a high quality stereo speaker system that attaches below the screen. A second option is the Sound Projector, a slim one-box solution capable of delivering up to 7.1 channels of virtual surround sound.

Using multiple speakers, microphone calibration and sophisticated processing, the Sound Projector fills the room with surround sound without filling the room with speaker boxes. Customers wanting a pure audio experience can now choose the Individual Stand Speaker SL – an electrostatic speaker system that delivers audiophile sound quality.

Electrostatic speakers are well known and highly regarded in audiophile circles. Using a large flat membrane to generate the sound waves also allows for detailed sound.

Prices range from $4,499 to $9,999.

See visit www.loewe-au.com