Local Website For Event Organisers

  • Aimed at community organised events
  • Self-help for event organisers
  • Includes mobile apps

Eventbrite, a self-service ticketing platform has launched a local version of its website – o www.eventbrite.com.au.

In 2011 there were over 400,000 tickets issued to events in 739 different Australian towns and cities. Some of the most active early adopters are organisers of classes and workshops. Australians can come to Eventbrite and discover opportunities to learn everything from hairdressing to storytelling for business leaders.

This site will serve an active community of users throughout Australia—making it easier for event organisers to set date, time, and payment preferences while also making it easier for people to discover events happening in their city.

However, Eventbrite claims that one of the features that distinguish it from other ticketing providers is its flexibility—it’s a platform as designed for classes as it is music festivals; and conferences as it is marathons.

Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing platform that allows anyone to create an event page, leverage built-in social media promotion tools, track sales, and capture attendee information. Eventbrite also offers check-in tools—for paperless ticketing, event attendees can use the Eventbrite mobile app to pull tickets up on their phone. And for fast check-in, organisers can use Eventbrite’s Entry Manager app to scan tickets across multiple points of entry.