Livescribe Unveils Echo Smartpen

Livescribe’s Echo smartpen is the latest product in the company’s line of gear designed to make sharing, securing and organising information simple.

The Echo smartpen captures everything consumers hear and write and provides access to important information by tapping on the written notes either directly on paper or on a computer using the Livescribe Desktop software.

Echo features an ergonomic design with a rubberised grip and anti-roll surface. It is available in 4GB and 8GB models, recording approximately 400 and 800 hours respectively. It also features industry-standard connectors, micro-USB and 3.5 mm audio jack, to enable customers to use their favorite ear buds for private listening as well as share common USB cables with other mobile devices.

The 8GB Echo smartpen features abundant storage, for up to 800 hours of audio or a combination of audio, digital ink and applications. Applications range from rich reference tools like a complete 120,000 word American Heritage Desk Dictionary to simple games and study aids, available from Livescribe’s Beta Application Store.

A variety of free enhancements to Livescribe Desktop and the smartpen have been added for both Echo and Pulse customers including:

  • Launch Line: a new way to access and launch applications in seconds
  • Password protection: ensures recorded audio on your smartpen remains private and safe
  • Custom smartpen name: display a name or other contact information on the OLED screen, making identifying the owner of a smartpen easy
  • Custom notebooks: group and organise notes as easily as creating a playlist in iTunes
  • Pencast import/export: save and share pencast files locally to your desktop, a server, or to send to others as an integrated audio/notes document. Anyone with the Livescribe Desktop software (free download online) can now open, view and interact with a native Livescribe file.

In Q4 2010, Livescribe will also make available new Connect software, which enables customers to send notes, audio and Pencast PDFs from smartpen and paper to a wide range of destinations including email addresses, online sites and other popular third-party consumer, education and business applications. Information is automatically sent when the smartpen is docked to a Mac or PC. With Pencast PDF, customers will also be able to author and share pencasts in an industry-standard Adobe PDF document directly from smartpen and paper. Anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 or above will be able to view and listen to an interactive Pencast PDF.

Livescribe will also introduce Paper Tablet, powerful new collaboration software that lets consumers communicate in real-time, directly from a Livescribe notebook to a Mac or PC using an Echo smartpen and a standard micro-USB cable. Now any Livescribe paper product can also be used as an interactive graphics tablet, with the smartpen being used as a real-time graphics stylus.

Customers will create and share notes, drawings, and annotate or sign documents or presentations locally or over the Web with video conferencing applications and industry-standard education collaboration tools. The company also announced the Pencast Player for iPad, iPhone and iTouch, which enables customers to access their pencasts anywhere they go. Now notes and audio from critical meetings or lectures are portable, playable and easy to share with a simple touch.

2GB $209
4GB $259
8GB $299