Live Blog: Google I/O 2014 Keynote

Google's annual technology conference, Google I/O, kicks off tomorrow with a keynote at 2am Sydney time. While the event is focused on developers, Google have often taken the opportunity to announce new products too, such as the Nexus 7, as well as new versions of Android.

Google's annual technology conference, Google I/O, kicks off tomorrow with a keynote at 2am Sydney time. While the event is focused on developers, Google have often taken the opportunity to announce new products too, such as the Nexus 7, as well as new versions of Android.

The biggest rumour for this year is Android Wear, its new platform for wearable devices. Rumours suggest that LG's G Watch will be officially announced during the event, although the Moto 360 could also make an appearance.

It's also possible we could an update to Android, as well as new versions of the Chromebook Pixel and Chromecast. We might even see the Nexus 9

We'll be live blogging the event from 2am, right here, or alternatively, check back in the morning for all the news.

Live Blog

4:38am – Pichai is back. All developers in attendance today will recieve either a LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, as well as a Moto 360 as soon as it is available. And the crowd goes wild. And that's a wrap!!

4:31am – Google Fit Platform – a new platform to organise and manage data from various health trackers and sensors

4:28am – Well that was a bit of an overload, lots of talk of virtual machine deployment, APIs and debugging. Cool demonstration where 400 tweets were analysed a second. 

4:06am – Now onto Google's cloud platform, highlighting the developer focus of the event. Things just got nerdy.  

4:00am – Google Drive for Work, $10 per user per moth, unlimited storage and enhanced security and admin controls 

3:59am – Android L can edit Microsoft Office documents natively

3:58am – Google Slides for Android announcement.

3:56am – Android L will be available to seperate personal data from coproate data 

3:52am – Android applications are coming to Chromebook. 

3:51am – Your Android phone will be able to unlock your Chromebook. Text messages, incoming calls and battery notifications will now all also appear on Chromebooks. 

3:49am – Pichai is back, this time to talk about Chromebooks. 

3:48am – Mirroring will roll out to devices over the next few weeks. 

3:47am – You'll finally be able to mirror Android devices to your TV! 

3:44am – Backdrop is another new Chromecast feature that makes your TV "the largest picture frame in the house". Designed to make use of the TV for the 19 hours a day people aren't watching it. Really not quite sure why you wouldn't just turn it off to save power. 

3:42am – A new update to Chromecast allows users to connect to Chromecast without connecting to WiFi, through the magic of the cloud. 

3:40am – Over 6000 developers registered to make apps supporting Google Cast. will tell you which apps support it

3:38am – Rishi Chandra is now going to talk about Chromecast. 

3:38am – Sharp, Sony and TPVision TVs will all run Android TV

3:36am – Full Googlecast support, making each Android TV like a Chromecast.

3:35am – Cross device multiplayer – you can play a game on the TV against a friend who's playing the same game on his or her Android tablet

3:33am – You can you use your Android Wear watch as a remote, just in case you've lost your actually remote. 

3:31am – Search on Android TV looks nifty "find me all Oscar nominated movies from 2002" 

3:29am – Android can now handle live TV and has a custom overlay. Redesigned home screen highlighting content, apps and games. 

3:28am – "Today we're announcing Android TV". Same apps from phone can be run on the TV. 

3:26am – Burke is back on stage to talk about Android in the living room, specifically on the TV

3:26am – Over 25 car brands have signed up for Android Auto, and cars supporting it will be available by the end of the year

3:23am – Google Maps for Android Auto looks great. Can reply to messages via voice. 

3:19am – Looks like its part of the car, but the apps run on the phone. 

3:18am – Introducing Android Auto – Android for the car, designed to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Complete voice integration. 

3:16am – Patrick Brady is now here to talk about the cloud. 

3:15am – The LG G Watch will be available to order later today! Samsung Gear Live is joining the Android Wear family too, and will also be available to order too! The Moto 360 will be available in later this Winter. 

3:13am – When installing an app on your phone, the wearable portion is automatically installed on your watch. 

3:12am – Well that's kind of cool, ordering a pizza in under 20 seconds through your watch. 

3:06am – Voice activation seems to be a big feature in Android Wear. Do people really want to talk to their watch? 

3:05am – Do not disturb can be set quickly by swiping down on the watch

3:03am – Can speak to the watch to add reminders, which are synced across to your phone. Notifications are kept in sync between your watch and your device. 

3:02am – Wide range of watch faces to choose from. 

3:01am – LG G Watch has an always on display, showing you the most relevant thing to you at the time. Swiping up and down moves you through new notifications and apps. Looks quite nice. 

3:00am – People check their phone 125 times a day. 

2:59am – David Singleton, director of Engineering for Android, on stage to talk about Android Wear. 

2:58am – "We are making everything contextually aware" 

2:56am – Google will push security updates through Google Play now, rather than through Android update

2:54am – Back to Pichai "we aren't building a vertically integrated product" 

2:53am – Battery saver mode can apparently give a Nexus 5 up to 90 minutes of extra battery 

2:52am – Developers will now be able to schedule intensive tasks such as updates to run only when your phone is on the charger

2:50am – Burke: We've been working hard to make sure battery life keeps up with performance. 

2:47am – Android extension packs aims to bridge the gap betwen mobile graphics and desktop PC graphics. Pretty impressive demo. 

2:45am – All apps will peform better with no changes required. 

2:44am – Back to Burke, who's talking about the performance of Andorid and its new runtime "ART"

2:42am – Mobile Chrome can now open apps directly through search results. Available to all App developers globally 

2:41am – Individual Chrome tabs are now listed in recent view on Android, making it easier for users to hopbetween apps and the mobile web

2:37am – Shah is taling about the importance of design on the mobile web

2:36am – Avni Shah, director of product management for Chrome takes the stage

2:35am – Personal unlocking: if you're wearing your bluetooth watch, your phone can automatically unlock as the phone knows it you. If you don't have the watch, your phone will ask for the pin.

2:34am – New type of notification, "Heads Up". Gives you the option to answer or decline a call without interupting what you're doing, for example.

2:32am – Android L gives you instant interactive access to notifications, and prioritises them based on importance. 

2:30am – Burke is demonstrating the re-designed phone dialer app, and the new animation features that come with Material Design. 

2:29am – Dave Burke, director of Android Engineering takes the stage to talk new features of Android L

2:28am – "Material Design" will also be usable on the web, through Polymer. 

2:27am – Durante is showing off the redesigned Gmail. Looks good! 

2:26am – Every change on screen can be animated 

2:26am – Google have updated their typeface, Roboto, to work on every device "From your watch to your laptop to your television"

2:23am – Short video presentation on the design style of the Google ecosystem

2:22am – Mathias Durante comes on stage to talk about the design of Android L

2:20am – The first Android One phone is the Micromax, a dual-SIM 4.5 inch phone for under $100. 

2:18am – Android One – designed for developing markets, set of hardware reference platforms for OEMS. Uses stock Android. The goal is providing high quality, adffordable smartphones for the next billion Android users.

2:17am – 236% increase in app installs on tablets. 

2:16am – "We're seeing tremendous growth in Android tablets". Android tablets account for 62% of the global tablet market share

2:14am – The number of active Android users has been doubling each year, over 1 billion active users currently. Android users send over 20 billion messages, and take over 93 million each day.

2:12am – 20% of I/Os attendees are female this year, up from 8% last year.

2:10am – After a slightly delayed start, Sundar Pichai, a senior vice president at Google overseeing Android, Chrome and apps takes the stage.

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