Live Blog: Apple Watch and more?

Apple are expected to finally spill the beans on the Apple Watch's remaining details – its price and its release date – during a press event hold at 4am (AEST) tomorrow morning. If you're still awake, can't sleep or up way too early, I'll be here liveblogging the news as it happens!

Live Blog
4:02am – Apple's Apple Watch event just kicked off
4:04am – Tim Cook has taken the stage, is talking about the opening of the company's latest store in China
4:05am – 120 million customers visited Apple Stores last quarter
4:07am – Tim invites Richard Pleplar on stage, HBO's CEO
4:08am – HBO Now streaming service exclusive to Apple TV at launch
4:09am – As expected, USD$15 per month, will launch in time for Game of Thrones (April 12).
4:11am – Tim is back on stage, has sold 25 million Apple TVs to date. Lowering the price to USD$69 (down from USD$99). Doesn't sound like we're going to have a new model yet.
4:12am – Apparently iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are considered the best smartphones in the world
4:13am – Holy hell, Apple has sold 700 million iPhones around the world
4:15am – Coca-Cola vending machines will support Apple Pay. Can we have it in Australia please?
4:16am – Every major car manufacturer has committed to delivering CarPlay
4:17am – Tim invites with Jeff William on staff to talk about how the iPhone will change medical research.
4:19am – Jeff announces ResearchKit, an SDK specifically created for researchers, that let them build apps that allows iPhone users to create medical research. Has made an app for Parkinson’s research in partnership with several universities
4:22am – Other apps include diabetes research, asthma, cardiovascular disease and breast cancer
4:29am – ResearchKit will be open source, source research apps available from today
4:30am – Tim is back on stage, wants to talk about the Mac.
4:32am – “We challenged ourselves to re-invent the notebook. And we did it”
4:33am – Looks like this is the heavily rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air. It’s gonna come in gold.
4:32am – “We challenged ourselves to re-invent the notebook. And we did it”
4:33am – Looks like this is the heavily rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air. It’s gonna come in gold.
4:34am – Lightest Mac yet, 13.1mm, 900g. MacBook Air was 4mm thicker says Phil Schiller. Also, its just called the MacBook
4:35am – All new keyboard, edge to edge. Uses something called a butterfly assembly for more precise typing options
4:36am – New backlight system too, individual LED for each key.
4:37am – 12-inch Retina Display – 2304 x 1440 pixels
4:38am – Trackpad is called “Force Touch Trackpad”. My old MacBook Air is a little sad, I think it knows its going to be sold soon.
4:40am – We’re looking at the MacBook’s insides now. First fanless MacBook ever, powered by Intel Core M up to 1.3Ghz.
4:42am – “we fill it with batteries” says Schiller in regards to rest of the space in MacBook. Promises all day battery life – 9 hours wireless web browsing
4:44am – Future of notebook doesn’t have wires apparently – as rumoured, just one port: USB C. Supports display, USB, power and more! Adapters will be sold
4:46am – Comes in silver, space grey and gold. World’s most-energy efficient notebook apparently.
4:52am – Starts at USD$1299 – 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD; high-end at USD$1599 – 512GB model with faster processor. Begin to ship on April 10.
4:53am – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both getting minor updates
4:54am – Tim is finally really to talk about the Apple Watch.
4:55am – Apparently the Apple Watch is super accurate, will do what we expect from watches and tell the time
4:57am – Tim is reiterating core Apple Watch features such as being able to receive messages, phone calls and emails

5:00am – Apple Watch tracks daily movement, reminds you when you’ve been sitting too long. Will send you briefs about your fitness performance last week, and suggest new goals for the week ahead
5:08am – You can receive any notification you receive on your iPhone on the Apple Watch
5:09am – Kevin Lynch on stage demoing how one might use the Apple Watch. Lots of swiping
5:13am – Looks really easy to pay with Apple Watch, maybe a little too easy. Better hope no one steels your watch
5:14am – Instagram on your watch. Truly revolutionary. Wonder what they will do to the Apple Watch’s battery life.
5:15am – Communicates to iPhone via Bluetooth and WiFi, so when at home, you don’t have to be in Bluetooth range of your phone, just on the same network
5:16am – The Apple Watch Uber app actually looks pretty good
5:18am – Unlocking hotel doors and Shazaming songs are two more things you can do with the Apple Watch

5:20am – Another app lets you view your security cameras on the Apple Watch. I kinda feel that’s going to destroy the battery life, and isn’t really suited to such a small screen…

5:21am – Apple Watch app added to iOS in 8.2. Will be able to download apps through it. iOS 8.2 is available today (although not yet)
5:22am – Tim is saying its got an 18 hour battery life, doesn’t specify what that means though.
5:23am – The aluminium the Apple Watch Sport is made from is so fancy we apparently need a Jony Ive explanation video
5:25am – Apple Watch Sport starts at USD$349 for 38mm model, USD$399 for 42mm model.
5:27am – Standard Apple Watch made from some pretty fancy steel according to Ive. Kinda sounds like this is going to be justification for a large price tag.
5:28am – Standard Apple Watch starts at USD$549, as high as USD1049 for 38mm, 42mm is USD599 to USD$1,099.
5:30am – Gold Apple Watch Edition is USD$10,000

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