LG Offers Something New With Smart TV Range

  • Features Dual Play for gamers
  • Customise 3D options
  • Voice and gesture command

LG’s new product range of televisions offer up a bevy of features and designs including a 4mm bezel on the LM9600, which ensures the image is at the forefront, removing restrictions seen with more clunky TV border designs.

The slim bezel complemented with a nearly edge to edge picture adjacent to the bezel maximises the image and the viewing experience. A number of the new models in the range also feature LG’s unique floating stand providing a stylish and uncluttered appearance that will blend seamlessly with any setting, and can swivel ensuring your view is optimised from the angle you are sitting.

LG’s Cinema 3D technology provides customers with a similar level of comfort they would experience at the cinemas. This technology allows viewers to watch 3D that is flicker free via a polarised film on the screen, which separates the picture into images for the left and right eye, and is then matched through the Cinema 3D glasses. LG’s 3D glasses are lightweight and don’t require any batteries or charging. These glasses (four glasses with each Cinema 3D TV purchased and cost $19 for an additional set of two) allow you to purchase several sets, ensuring you can watch your favourite movie or sports match with the family. LG also offers a clip-on option for people who wear glasses.

Unlike cinemas however, the LG range allows for consumers to customise the 3D experience to their own liking. The range features new 3D sound zooming, whereby the sound intensity is synchronised with the 3D images on the screen. This paired with 3D depth control, where you can choose the level of the 3D effect, allow viewers to watch their favourite movies the way they want.

With a wide viewing angle, the 3D quality can still be seen from different angles so more people can enjoy the show at the same time, without limiting you to sit directly in front of the TV.

LG’s Dual Play function is a revolution for 2D gaming. This feature utilises Cinema 3D technology (FPR), providing gamers with a full screen experience when in two player fixed split screen mode. The Dual Play function combats the previous ‘fixed split-screen’ experience, where player one would watch their scene unfold on the top half of the TV, and player two would watch their scene on the bottom half. When wearing the Dual Play glasses (optional extra on some models), a player will be able to watch their own scene over an entire screen while their competitor does the same, all on one screen.

LG’s Magic Remote is said to provide easier control and navigation with the addition of gesture and voice control to the original ‘point and click’ functionality (available on LM9600 and LM8600 series). The Magic remote allows you to point and click, similar to a computer mouse, and will also respond to simple gestures and voice commands. A gesture will replace certain commands, and the Wheel allows you to scroll through web-pages with ease.

The Magic Voice Remote comes with leading edge voice control technology, allowing you to browse the web and write messages with a simple voice command. Web browsing and messaging will become simpler and time efficient, adding to the overall ease of use that these TV’s offer.  

LG has taken the next step to ensure continuous 3D content with the expansion of 3D World, providing consumers with close to 300 3D clips. LG’s 3D WORLD card will provide a wide range of content to suit the whole family, spanning entertainment, sports, documentaries, lifestyle and children’s programs. With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to watch the beautiful New York

LM9600 55-inch $4,599
LM8600 47-inch $2,999, 55-inch $4,199
LM7600 42-inch $1,799, 47-inch $2,499, 55-oinch $3,299
LM6700 42-inch $1,599, 47-inch $2,299, 55-inch $2,999

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