LG finally brings flat screen OLED TVs to Australia

To date, every OLED TV LG has sold in Australia has been curved. Whether it's been 1080p, 4K, 55-inches, or 65-, potential customers have had to settle for a curved display in their pursuit of "perfect black". Fortunately, Australians now have a choice; LG is adding two flat 4K OLED TVs to its local line-up, and they'll be in stores by the end of this week.

LG will offer two flat 4K OLED models in Australia – the 55EF950T and 65EF950T – measuring in at 55- and 65-inches respectively. Recommend pricing is identical to their curved siblings, AUD$5,499 for the smaller and AUD$8,999 for the larger.

"We’ve been asked by many consumers when a flat screen OLED TV will be available from LG in Australia," said LG Marketing Manager Grant Vandenberg. "Now, with the EF950T, it's here. We're giving the people the choice – flat screen or curved screen OLED TV."

In addition to a more offering a more conventional display, the EF950T series TVs are the first high dynamic range (HDR) compatible TVs LG will sell in Australia. This enables the pair to accurately playback HDR-optimised content, resulting in enhanced colour depth. HDR-optimised content will be available to stream through Netflix. The upcoming Ultra HD Blu-Ray standard will also support HDR-encoded video.

Unlike a more traditional television, OLED panels don't require a backlight. Instead, each pixel is lit up on a case by case basis, allowing for higher contrast imagery, "perfect black" and greater colour accuracy.

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