Lara dances, offers free PS3

A new Tomb Raider promotion offers gamers a chance to win a PS3 every day until Christmas.

Atari have just announced the Tomb Raider Challenge, in order to promote their latest Lara Croft game Tomb Raider: Underworld.

To celebrate, Atari are offering the chance to win a PS3 every day up until Christmas.

It’s thanks to Desktop Lara, a downloadable desktop widget showing off Lara’s kicking and shooting skills.

More importantly, the widget gives you access to the clues for the daily and Major Challenges.

Each day a clue will be delivered via the widget, which makes use of Google Earth to uncover hidden artefacts. Find the arteface each day and you’ll win yourself a PS3.

Solve a daily clue and it’ll reveal a part of the image showing the location of the Major Challenge. Place a dagger in the exact longitude and latitude of the Major Challenge and you’ll win the major prize – a trip around the world and a Sony prize pack.

Today’s clue is:

“At the tip of the lower river, ground trembles and an island of dark becomes light”

If you’re interesting on doing some treasure hunting, head over to