Logitech produce one billionth mouse

The age of computing comes to the fore as the one billionth mouse rolls off the production line.

Peripheral manufacturer Logitech has celebrated the proudction of the one billionth mouse, claiming it as a “significant milestone” for the industry.

Logitech general manager Rory Dooley said it was rare that a billion of any product was shipped by one company.

But in the 40th anniversary of the mouse, analysts are claiming the future of the traditional input device are doomed.

Steve Pretnice, analyst for Gartner, said “the mouse will no longer be mainstreat in three to five years.”

“The world has changed and the nature of machines has changed. The multi-touch interface I believe really does seal the coffin of the mouse,” added Mr Prentice.

But Dooley is not convinced that future interfaces have to be an either-or proposition, and believes improvements like touch interfaces will augment existing technology rather than kill it off.

“The challenge with these new technologies is going to be will you touch a screen that is two feet away from you a thousand times a day? Is touch accurate enough to let you get into the cell of a spreadsheet,” said Dooley.

Admist all the talk of a dying mouse, Logitech are running a competition to find the one billionth mouse. $1000 will be rewarded to whoever finds it, with clues posted on the company’s blog.

Source: BBC