Lampless home projector

Conventional projectors need to have their lamps replaced after 3,000 hours of use, but the SP-F10M has an LED light that lasts up to 50,000 hours in Eco-mode, giving a longer lifespan than most projectors.

The greater colour intensity and wide colour gamut allows for a more flexible projector, which can be used on a blackboard or green board, in addition to white boards and screens, thereby opening it up to the education, government and corporate markets.

When compared with similar LCD-based projects, the reduced decibel level, power consumption and power-up time provided by the LED light source also add to the appeal of the SP-F10M.

Through the embedded file viewer users can open various files including PDF, TXT, HTML, MPEG and Microsoft Office.

This allows for presentations to be viewed using only a USB memory stick. The SP-F10M’s instant on/off functionality enables the projector to turn on and off within seconds after pushing the power button.

With the Remote Control function, you can remotely control power, volume, input changes and navigate and select files. Diagnostic information such as how long the printer has been running, temperature level and errors can be remotely monitored and controlled in real time.

Additionally, the Dust Filter Free internal circulating airflow function reduces the requirement for filter maintenance and saves money and time by improving maintenance efficiency.

RRP: $1999