Kogan has already resurrected Dick Smith Online

Australian e-tailer Kogan has wasted no time in getting Dick Smith's online store back up and running, taking its revamped store live today.

Kogan announce its purchase of the Dick Smith's online arm throughout the tumultuous saga that started when Dick Smith went into voluntary administration after a "go-for-broke" sale at the end of last year failed to generate sufficient revenue. The retailer's receivers and managers tried to find a buyer for the business, but initial attempts to sell Dick Smith were unsuccessful. This kicked off a closing down period that saw Dick Smith's brick and mortar stores slowly wind down, with the last stores shutting down yesterday.

Kogan was originally planning to relaunch Dick Smith Online at the beginning of June.

While Dick Smith Online is being run independently to Kogan's main business, the store seems to use a similar business model where it undercuts local retailers by selling grey market imports. The new Dick Smith Online, for example, is selling Samsung's Galaxy S7 for AUD$799, AUD$349 less than Samsung's local asking price. It does however note that the "device is a network unlocked, international model and may differ slightly from local models".

International devices will still typically run in Australia without issue, but in the case of Android smartphones, will often see software updates delivered at a different schedule.

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