John Woo’s Stranglehold bundles in extra film

John Woo’s upcoming Stranglehold game for the Sony PlayStation 3, will also bundle in a full-length remastered high-def version of the 1992 film Hard Boiled.

Midway Games has partnered with the Weinstein Co. and Genius Products to create the first video game/movie hybrid Blu-ray Disc.

When the game publisher ships the limited edition John Woo’s Stranglehold Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 3, gamers who buy the disc will get a full game as well as a high-definition version of director John Woo’s Hard Boiled. That title had not previously been released on Blu-ray.

Woo decided to take the interactive route with Stranglehold, a sequel to Hard Boiled, with Chow Yun-Fat reprising his role as Inspector Tequila. The game offers an original plot that takes place 10 years after the events in the movie.

Although Stranglehold — developed by Midway Games’ Chicago Studio in conjunction with Woo’s Tiger Hill Entertainment — also will ship for Xbox 360, Microsoft’s next-generation console still uses DVD-9 and does not have the capacity to hold both a full game and a movie.

Director Woo says, “Stranglehold will allow people to actually be Tequila, taking out enemies using duel-wieldgin weapons and bringing together heart-stopping stunts, vehicle-to-vehicle combat and fluid, seamless gunplay to create an interactive Hong Kong action film experience.”


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