ISP Provider Offers Terabyte Plan

  • Internode offers 1TB play for $149.95 a month
  • Also upgrades other data plans
  • No off-peak quotas ISP

Internode is offering a 1TB ADSL2+ service plan costing $149.95 a month when bundled with NodeLine telephone service, and calls it the first ‘true’ terabyte plan even though iiNet offered something similar in the middle of August this year.

Internode has also doubled the data quota of its Easy Broadband plan ($49.95 bundled) from 50GB to 100GB per month and introduced 200GB ($69.95 bundled) and 300GB ($89.95 bundled) plans.

For customers with big data appetites, Internode provides the 600GB XL plan for $99.95 (bundled) as well as the true-terabyte XXL plan.

These new Easy plans are also available on an unbundled basis, using third party phone line rental, and as Naked ADSL2+ plans. Pricing for these options will be made available at the time of plan release. Significantly, all these new Easy Broadband plans allow customers to use their data quota whenever they want – rather than quarantine them to the wee hours with off-peak quotas.

Internode is offering its new Internode Easy Broadband and Naked Easy plans at more than 300 telephone exchanges nationally, through a combination of its own direct DSLAM footprint and that of Optus.

Service availability varies depending on specific plan and geographic location – details will be provided on the Internode web site when the plans are released. Easy plans also include free support for ADSL2+ Annex M, where it is available.

This allows the potential for higher upload speeds of up to 2.5 megabits per second. Annex M service requires an Internode-Direct ADSL2+ port and Annex M compatible customer equipment.

Along with these new plans, Internode will release new analogue telephone services called NodeLine HomePlus and NodeLine BizPlus, which cost $34.95 and $39.95 a month respectively and include the first $5 of phone calls each month in the price of the plan.