ISP Boosts Data Quotas

Adelaide-based ISP provider Internode has increased data quotas due to new submarine fibreoptic cable

ISP provider Internode has boosted customers’ data quotas after signing on for use of Pipe Networks’ new Guam-Sydney PPC-1 submarine fibreoptic cable, which is due to go live tomorrow.

Internode said it had “reshaped and simplified” its broadband plan table by launching more than 40 new plans with boosted data quotas, and culling more than 80 “redundant” plans, including use of Optus ASDL2+.

Customers using the Easy Broadband plan, score a 66 per cent data quota upgrade – from 30 gigabytes to 50GB a month.

Internode said it would drop Optus Wholesale’s standard ADSL2+ offering and Naked ADSL offering. It would also drop Optus’ ADSL2+ offering due to an arrangement struck with Telstra Wholesale.

Business customers are being offered quota boosts across the higher speed ADSL2+ range, including a new 200GB option.