iPod Dock Intergrates With AV System

  • Comes with video outputs
  • Can dock iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Comes in under $150

Pure’s i-20 digital iPod/iPhone dock that allows users to seamlessly integrate their digital music and video collection into their hi-fi or AV system, according to the manufacturer. The unit supports all digital audio output compatible iPod models including the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Users can connect to a hi-fi system or radio using digital or analogue outputs. When connected via the analogue output, the i-20’s hi-fi quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) ensures that the sound quality from high bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks doesn’t suffer.

The inclusion of video outputs on the i-20 allows users to view videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV. What’s more, the i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats (component, S-Video and composite).

The iPod/ iPhone charges while docked and can be controlled and navigated using the supplied remote control.

The i-20 extracts the digital signal from the iPod or iPhone and uses Pure’s Clearsound digital end-to-end technology to produce its digital audio outputs, ensuring that there is no compromise when connected to a quality digital amplifier or hi-fi system.


For its analogue output, i-20 again extracts the digital signal and uses its Cirrus 4353hi-fi quality DAC and high-precision low-jitter clock to deliver true hi-fi audio performance levels with a -105dB signal to noise ratio,  better than -93dB THD+N and 2V RMS audio output from its 24-bit 192KHz digital audio processor