iPhone App To Shape Taste Perfect Lager

  • App will look at 500 beers
  • Gather information about lagers
  • Consumers to rate beers

Wine producer Casella is looking to enter the premium beer market, but is determined to use technology to get its foot in the door.

The company’s initiative, called The Perfect Lager Project, is a custom-made free iPhone application that will give consumers the opportunity to submit their flavour preferences and ratings for other beer brands they have enjoyed. This will ultimately influence the style of beer that Casella will launch in June 2012. 

The app is designed to fit into everyday beer-drinking moments. Once it is downloaded, consumers are prompted to take a photo of the beer they are drinking. Image recognition software determines the beer from a photo of its label and the information about that beer is then combined with the user’s feedback to brief Casella’s Master Brewers.

IQ Engines provide a scalable image recognition platform through a handpicked dataset of more than 500 beers that is constantly being updated and improved for better results.

The iPhone’s hardware gathers information about the perfect lager experience, from the location of a user (geo location), the time of day, to the current weather conditions using a series of Weather APIs based on your location and even the direction they are facing (compass).

Each time a consumer uses the app, they can share their beer rating with their friends on Facebook.

Australian beer lovers can download the iPhone app from the app store with data being collected until the end of May. For more information about the project, visit www.theperfectlagerproject.com

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