iPhone 6 Plus owners find their new handsets bent out of a shape

Just days after the launch of the Apple's biggest iPhone yet, iPhone 6 Plus owners are reporting bends in their brand new aluminium handsets.

MacRumors forum user Hanzoh alleges that his iPhone 6 Plus bent as a result of carrying it has pants pockets while driving to and attending a wedding. Hanzoh said that his pants weren't tight, and that he kept the phone in his front pocket.

"I did not feel the phone while sitting down, if I had felt any pressure, I would have taken it out," said Hanzoh.

Lewis Hilstenger from Unbox Therapy put his iPhone 6 Plus through a bend test to determine how much force would be required to make the handset unusable.

For comparison, Hilstenger attempted to bend Samsung's Galaxy Note 3.

Apple has yet to make a statement about the iPhone 6 Plus' apparent bendability

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