iPhone 5 rumours flying thick and fast

The Web is bristling with near-salacious rumours on the imminent release of the next chapter in Apple’s iPhone arsenal- the iPhone 5 or 5G as some are calling it.

Far be it for Cybershack to shy away from adding their own unique spin on the subject, so below is what we know up until now on what could well be the best smartphone ever and which apparently is due for release mid-year.

The new iPhone will probably have an upgraded antenna so now no more call dropping out issues and will also come with a 1.2 GHz processor and at least a 3.7” touchscreen say those that claim to be in the know.

It will have a multi-core design powered by Apple's multi-core A5 chip – in other words it will also get a graphical boost meaning possibly and finally having true 1080p picture output on your phone will no longer be just a techies fantasy.

The iPhone 5 will also become your new wallet – Apple’s near-field communication technology will be part of the phone’s DNA, which will allow users to pay for their purchases by waving or tapping the phone in front of a receiver.

And before you all think it- yes, its will be the iWallet!

According to several global media stories, the new phone will also have 4G capacity, which won’t mean much to Australian consumers yet- unless of course you live in Perth and are a Vivid Wireless customer, but it does mean that the iPhone 5 will have the potential for blistering speeds.

This will also put pressure on the upcoming Android 3.0 OS and phones like the Motorola Xoom to match the speed of the 5G but whether this will be a close race or not we will have to wait until the launch of both units in Australia.

The battery of the iPhone 5 will certainly have to be made from some heavy-duty NASA-approved stuff as all this new functionality is going to suck the juice out of even the best batteries on the market.

Lastly, it may also be cheaper since as we all know by now, the more technology evolves, the more pervasive it becomes and thus the more it sells and the cheaper it eventually becomes.

But then again, this is Australia so maybe that’s one prediction I should totally keep to myself.