iPad Fun Running App

  • App takes you places while exercising
  • Offers pre-route mapping
  • Can tell you when to adjust treadmill for real-life inclines

Have you ever wanted to run along Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard or Abbey Road? Have you ever wanted to train on the exact route for a running event before the big race but you can’t because it’s too far away or impossible to train on?

Now you can do both these things with the new free version of Fun Run Trainer, a new iPhone/iPad app that let’s you run or walk down famous streets and beaches or train for a special event located anywhere in the world as if you are there, from home or your gym, on any treadmill.

With Fun Run Trainer you watch a moving Google Earth satellite video map of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world as you workout. Fun Run Trainer even tells you when to adjust your treadmill’s incline to account for hills.  A little blue dot on the map represents you traveling through the course.

Users select the route on Fun Run Trainer, set a desired speed and start running or walking on the treadmill. Users can either watch the image as they run, connect the device to a larger screen or just listen to music and wait for the voice prompts to tell users when to change the inclination settings on the treadmill to match the location. It's like a GPS for your treadmill.

Work on your beach body at Surfer’s Paradise in Australia.  Burn off that extra croissant on the Champs-Elysees.  Ponder the next investment cruising down Wall Street. 

Fun Run Trainer is also integrated with iTunes, so you can listen to your favorite playlist while you run.

Ready to train for your first 5k, 10k or even marathon?  Upgrade to the paid version of Fun Run Trainer and prepare for the Peachtree Road Race, the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon or the world famous New York City Marathon. Fun Run Trainer let’s you run the courses of close to 200 popular events no matter where you live.

You could train for the Berlin Marathon on the exact course Haile Gebrselassie used to set the world record, or feel what it’s like to tackle Heartbreak Hill in Boston.

The paid version of Fun Run Trainer also allows you to create your own routes.  Add your favorite trail runs, races, golf courses or parks to take the dread out of indoor workouts.

Fun Run Trainer can be used with any treadmill and is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  You can download both the free and the paid version of the app on iTunes or the App Store on your device.


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