iOS 8.0.2 – Should you install it?

Yesterday, when Apple released iOS 8.0.1, the first update to iOS8, many iPhone users found it interfered with their ability to make phone calls and use their device's fingerprint scanner. Apple promptly pulled the update within the hour, and as such many Australian users never saw iOS 8.0.1. Despite this, the botched update received a reasonable amount of media attention.

Apple today released iOS 8.0.2, addressing the issues caused by iOS 8.0.1. Unsurprisingly, this update has been met with scepticism.

CyberShack was able to upgrade an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.0.2 without issue. These updates were performed over-the-air. We were unable to test the update on prior iPhone models. Users updating via iTunes were not affected by iOS 8.0.1 glitches.

MacRumors is however reporting that some users have however faced similar issues to those caused by iOS 8.0.1. The publication did not clarify what model the affected issues were, but the glitch appears to be much less widespread than previously. Concerned iPhone users may wish to wait until next week to upgrade, given that the other fixes in iOS 8.0.1 are fairly minor.

In addition to addressing the issues caused by iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2 enables third party apps to support HealthKit, and fixes a small number of other bugs.

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