iOS 13 launches with several new features

The latest update for Apple devices is out now, with iOS 13 available for almost every iPhone from the 6s onwards.

There’s reportedly still a few bugs left for the company to iron out, but these are expected to be resolved next week.

New features included in iOS 13 are a system-wide dark mode, swipe typing for the standard keyboard, a bunch of new privacy and security related functions, as well as performance upgrades.

Apple Arcade, Apple’s subscription-based gaming service is also ready to play with alongside the new update. For a monthly fee of $7.99, you can get access to hundreds of titles, many of which are system-exclusive and all of which are free from in-app purchases and ads.

iPads are receiving a separate operating system update with iPad-specific functionality on the 24th September. iPadOS will include features like USB drive support, a slightly tweaked home screen interface, and several new gestures.

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