Inventing WWW. – Tim Berners-Lee in Reddit AMA

“What’s the one thing you never thought the internet would be used for?” asked Redditor, totharesuce

Check out the highlights from Tim Berners-Lee's Reddit AMA. 

“What’s the one thing you never thought the internet would be used for?” asked Redditor, totharesuce.

“Kittens” replied Tim Berners-Lee on his Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum to celebrate 25 years of the internet on Reddit this morning.

Berners-Lee covered everything from trainspotting to the future of the web as he engaged with redditors in the increasingly popular AMA forum on Reddit.

During the forum Lee revealed that the World Wide Web may have had a very different moniker from the www abbreviation we know today. He considered calling it “Mine of Information, The Information Mine (or) The Mesh,” said Lee, “but none had quite the right ring.”

Redditor’s wasted no time in pointing out that “The Information Mine” would have resulted in the hubristic prefix TIM.

On Edward Snowden, Lee remained resolute that he should be protected. “Because he had no other alternative” said Lee, “he engaged as a journalist and with a journalist to be careful of how (and) what was released and provided a net overall benefit to the world.”

When government’s fail, Lee maintains, “then the whistle-blower may be all that saves society.”

Lee was unsure about the dark web. Redditor tacobell1896 asked, “How do you feel about the supposed dark side of the internet such as black markets (silk road etc)?”

Admitting that he was not an expert on the dark web he offered more questions than answers.

“Simple answers include of course that illegal things are crimes on or the web,” said Lee, “But anonymity is tricky we have a right to be an anonymous whistle-blower under an oppressive regime but not when we are bullying someone? How can we build technical/social/judicial systems for determining which right is more important in any given case?”

For a man who created perhaps the most important invention of modern times, it was refreshing to find out that he still retains a passion for the simple things, namely, trainspotting.

“I still like trains, travel on the when I can and when in a country which has gotten its train act together.”

To the redditors and public, Lee offered this advice, “I want us all to think about it’s (the internet’s) future and ask how can help make it a truly open, secure and creative platform – available to everyone.”

“The idea of an AMA is another great example of how the Web’s helping to connect and empower people around the globe…”


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