Internode Discounts TiVo

ISP provider Internode is getting in on the Christmas spirit with TiVo discounts

National broadband company Internode today unveils a new TiVo media device, with a 320 gigabyte (GB) hard drive for $699, which includes a free Home Networking Package worth $199 for a limited time.

Internode’s online store has also cut $100 from the price of the 160GB TiVo, now costing $599, as well as reducing the price of the one-terabyte TiVo Expander Drive by $50 to $249.

Since it began selling TiVo media devices in April this year, Internode has provided its customers with unmetered access to TiVo-downloaded content, such as its movies on demand service, which TiVo has renamed CASPA-On-Demand.