Intelligent Software Picks Up Your Driving Habits

GPS software out of the UK tracks driving habits and personalises them

MyDrive is a new product from the UK that looks at your driving habits and applies them to your GPS to give a more accurate account of how your travel from A to B.

So you drive like a maniac, or have the disposition of an old-age pensioner, it will tell you a realistic ETA at a destination instead of giving the standard time using official road speeds.
MyDrive is said to factor in more than 45,000 different combinations of driver behaviour and is claimed to double the accuracy when forecasting journey times.

The system identifies an individual’s driving behaviour and records how the driver behaves under a variety of driving conditions. It then applies this learned behaviour to forecasts of journey time, or with full integration, generate routes that better match the drivers own driving style. MyDrive can be easy to integrated into most GPS units, says manufacturer Journey Dynamics.

To create the MyDrive system also takes into account factors such as road types, road conditions, congestion status, environment, speed and acceleration preferences and demographics.

Techniques used within system also allow the software to provide accurate information in relation to roads whether the driver is familiar or not with the route. This is possible because MyDrive records driving habits and applies this appropriately across the entire road network.
Product availability in Australia has yet to be announced