Instagram’s Hyperlapse can now take time-lapse selfies

Hyperlapse, Instagram's standalone app for time-lapse videos, got its first major update on Thursday, allowing users to shoot time-lapse selfies. Toggling a small new button next to the shutter allows users to switch between the front and rear-facing cameras in order to take a "selfielapse".

Time-lapses shot with the front-facing camera are stabilised using the same technology as the videos shot using the rear-facing camera, smoothing out even the shakiest of hands. 

Instagram recommend trying the following with Hyperlapse's new selfielapse functionality:

  • Stand still and have a moving background (i.e. Times Square foot traffic, riding a roller coaster).
  • Capture yourself walking down the street as your surroundings whirl by.
  • Document transformations – getting a new haircut, applying makeup or tying a tie – by propping your phone up against a wall.
  • Hold up your phone as you spin around in a chair, or jump on a trampoline.

At present, Hyperlapse is an iOS exclusive app. Hyperlapse can be downloaded for free via the iTunes App Store

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