Innovative Board Controller For Tony Hawk

New motion controller for new Tony Hawk game.

Tony Hawk: Ride features a revolutionary skateboard controller so players of varied skill levels can physically control the action by stepping on board to perform movements and gestures that directly translate into tricks – from grinds, grabs and ollies to Tony Hawk’s signature tricks.

“This is the game I’ve always wanted to make,” said legendary pro skater Tony Hawk. “The skateboard peripheral opens up a whole new level of interactivity and physicality, allowing players to control the action with their whole body. I can’t wait for everyone to jump on the board and Ride.”

Tony Hawk: Ride comes with a wireless skateboard controller that was designed in conjunction with the game to offer a dynamic gaming experience built from the ground up. 

The motion-sensing peripheral offers a new way to play games.  Without complex button combinations or analogue sticks, gamers of various skill levels can literally step on the board and play.

Tony Hawk: Ride is developed by Robomodo for the Xbox 360 and PS3.