Indiegogo project lets you homebrew beer with the press of a button

Craft beer start-up Brewie has launched an Indiegogo funding campaign for what it describes as the "first fully automated brewery". Brewie's self-titled gadget is essentially a giant box for home-brewing beer that is activated with the push of a button.

After adding the ingredients, users can pick from over 200 preloaded recipes or create their own through tinkering with 23 various parameters. These include the amount of mashing and lautering water, the temperature of boiling and cooling and at what stage the hops are added. Connecting the machine to a water source will also allow it to automate the amount water used in a recipe.

Brewie can also be controlled via an app for Android, Windows Phone or iOS, or through a web interface. After the brew is complete, the 25kg machine leaves users with 20 litres of beer.

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