In-Flight Surfing Heading To Qantas

Sick of running out of battery power on a flight? Qantas aircraft will soon feature in-flight WiFi and laptop power.

Qantas seem to be taking to the skies in a new way by revamping their current 747-400 Jumbo Jets as well as their forthcoming A380’s to include laptop power ports and in-flight WiFi. People lucky enough to fly on the A380 won’t even have to splash out for business class or first class to get that treatment as economy will feature the power sockets as well as seat-mounted USB and Ethernet ports.

But as of this point in time, don’t expect the use of those things to come free. Qantas still hasn’t released how much this will cost you even though if you do make the first class ticket, you will have your own 17 inch widescreen-LCD to make your acquaintance with.

Qantas upgrades the friendly skies