IFTTT integration makes Netgear Arlo a true smart home device

Netgear's family of Arlo security cameras are now able to communicate with online services and other smart appliances through recipe service IFTTT (if this then that).

Arlo's IFTTT channel allows recipes to trigger on motion detection, audio detection, and battery level. For example, if an Arlo camera detects motion, through IFTTT, it will be able to turn on compatible smart bulbs (such as LIFX and Philips Hue). Alternatively, if an Arlo's battery is low, IFTTT can be used to send an email or calendar reminder to replace it.

IFTTT recipes will also allow users to arm or disarm cameras based on certain events. This could be as simple as disarming the camera when a master smartphone enters the area, or asking Alexa to arm the Arlo.

Arlo owners can connect their cameras to IFTTT by creating an account, and then signing in with their Netgear credentials.

Both the Arlo Wire-Free and the Arlo Q will work with IFTTT.

When Arlo was first announced at the beginning of last 2015, Netgear expressed an interest in turning it into a smart home platform of its own. Despite this, the recently launched Arlo Q is the first product to be added to the Arlo family, and no third-party products currently boast native Arlo integration.

Netgear does however hope to continue expanding the ecosystem. Earlier this year, Netgear Senior Product Line Manager for Arlo Greg Falgiano told CyberShack that the company is still actively looking at options in regards to what can be added to the Arlo line.

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