Huge Production Run For Microsoft Surface Tablet

By Ryan Borja

  • Slate has 3 million production run
  • Buy outright for about $600
  • Due in October

Microsoft is set to launch its tablet – tentatively called The Surface – in October, and it appears they are confident it will sell well with reports out of the United States saying the initial production run will be three million units.

Set to debut around the time Windows 8 is to be released, it also thought to be powered by both Intel and ARM processors. The new ARM-powered slate will not support older legacy-type software that runs on Windows 7, while the Intel-powered version will not have that problem and will run Windows 8 Pro. 

Microsoft seems to be steering away from calling it a tablet, probably due to bringing back memories of the ill-fated Zune, which tried to take on Apple’s iPad, and failed.

It has been touted that the Surface RT will cost $199 with a two-year subscription or contract with a carrier. Buying the slate outright could cost about $599.


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