Huge Fine For R4 Resellers

Nintendo has taken the first step in putting R4 card importers out of business

GadgetGear, an importer and distributor of online gaming consoles, has been ordered to pay a whopping $620,000 in damages for selling R4 cards.

In September 2009 Nintendo filed proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against RSJ. IT Solutions Pty Ltd which trades as “GadgetGear”, and the individual directors of the company, Patrick Li and James Li.

GadgetGear and the directors have agreed to permanently refrain from importing, offering for sale and/or selling game copier devices. GadgetGear and the directors will also pay Nintendo a total of A$620,000 by way of damages and will also be delivering Nintendo all its stock of game copiers for destruction.

Nintendo has a history of not taking a backward step when it comes to protecting its intellectual property and doesn’t mind suing companies or individuals.

According to Nintendo, it has started “800 actions (including customs seizures, law-enforcement actions and civil proceedings) in 16 countries, confiscating well over a half million Nintendo DS game copiers.”

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