Hoyts Take Advantage of Facebook Networking

  • Reserve seats
  • Buy tickets
  • Free app download

HoytsCinemahas introduced a Facebook application, Social Tix, which allows film buffs from to plan and buy their tickets via the social networking site.

Facebook will be able to use Social Tix to create an event, invite their friends, reserve seats and buy tickets, whilst sharing the step-by-step experience with their friends via their news feed and wall posts.  

Social Tixwill enable film aficionados to:

  • Browse for their local cinema and session times
  • Select a film or create their own wish-list of upcoming movies they’d like to see
  • Create an event in which to invite their friends
  • Select and reserve seats for their friends
  • The payment option allows film buffs to either pay for all of the allocated tickets, or invite their friends to accept the invitation and pay for their own ticket.  Whether the tickets are paid in one transaction or many, the app will reserve your place and allow you to sit with your friends in seats of your choice.

The Social Tix application is found at facebook.com/hoytsaustralia