How to get Google’s iPhone keyboard in Australia

Google seems intent on taking over every part of your iPhone, from your browser to your messaging app to your maps to your inbox. With the launch of Gboard, you can now add your keyboard to that list.

UPDATE: Gboard is now available via the Australian App Store.

Gboard is Google's take on a third party keyboard for iOS. In addition to baking in features like swipe-to-text, Gboard's big draw is in-keyboard-search. You're able to use this to search and send anything from restaurant addresses to news articles to GIFs to emojis.

It's easily one of the more interesting iPhone keyboards we've seen so far, but for the time being, Australia's been left out: the app is currently a US exclusive. But fear not, with a little bit of tinkering, it's easy to make your way into the US App Store and nab the app.

To start, you'll need to open up iTunes on your PC or Mac and sign out of your account. Once you've down that, scroll down to the very bottom of the iTunes Store and click on the flag in the bottom right hand corner. This will let you choose your country or region. Pick "United States".

Now that your iTunes Store is displaying American content, you'll need to make a new account. To do this, find a free app (such as Gboard), and attempt to download it. Initiate the sign-up process from here (otherwise iTunes will ask you for billing information).

The first part of the account creation process is fairly stock standard – email address, password, and security information. Note that you'll need to use an email address not registered with an existing Apple ID, so you might have to make a new email using a provider such as Gmail or

After that's finished, click "Continue" and you'll reach a payment information page. Unless you have an American credit card, choose "None". You still need to provide a legitimate American billing address, rather than something like "123 Fake Street". Commonly recommended options include hotels and businesses.

Next, you'll be asked to verify your email address via an email link you receive from Apple.

When that's done, go to the iOS device you want to install Gboard on, and open up the Settings app. Scroll down to "iTunes & App Store", tap on it, then tap Apple ID. Select "Sign Out". After this, tap "Sign In" and use your new credentials. Congratulations, you've now got access to the American App Store!

Search for Gboard, tap "Get", and you're almost there. After you've opened the app, follow the prompts to get it up and running.

After you're happy (and you've downloaded any other free apps you might want from the US App Store), you'll want to swap back to your Australian Apple ID using the same process described above.  

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