Hoodie With Built-in Headphones

  • Can be put through wash cycle
  • Users can connect choice of MP3 player
  • Limited stock

Russell Athletic’s Headphone Hoodie is a piece of apparel thatcomes with a built in earphones, which allows users can connect to their favourite MP3 player and listen to music.

The earphone buds are attached to the ends of the drawstring with the connecting cable is in encased within the hood drawstrings and runs down through the inside front of the garment. It has a 3.5mm MP3 compatible input jack sits in the right hand pocket of the garment ready for connection to the user’s device of choice.

The system, licensed from HB3 technology is fully machine washable and promises to provide dynamic sound wash after wash.

 “Yes, it’s revolutionary, but Headphone Hoodie’s versatility also makes it highly functional,” says National Sales Manager Nick Bowman. “Perfect for taking transport to uni, listening to sports commentary, or training – all without the hassle of annoying, tangled cords.”

Russell Athletic’s debut “Headphone Hoodie” collection is available in men’s and women’s hooded jacket silhouettes each in four colours. Production has been limited to 5,000 pieces that will be available exclusively at Rebel Sport from March 1st 2011.