Hisense is adding an OLED TV to its 2018 range

Hisense today announced its first OLED TV to complement its premium ULED 4K range. The 2018 range will also feature improvements upon its existing ULED 4K televisions with 1000 zone local dimming on select models, and expanding its Smooth Motion, Quantum Dot, and UHD Premium Certification across more models.

OLED TVs differ from traditional LED and LCD models in that they don’t use a backlight. Pixels are lit up on a case-by-case basis, meaning they can display “true black” rather than a very dark grey. If you were looking at a black image, you wouldn’t be able to tell if an OLED panel is on or off. In turn, “true black” means OLED TVs can provide better contrast and colour accuracy across the board.

“Our customer feedback to our ULED range has been overwhelmingly positive and we are always looking for opportunities to evolve our technology to ensure it remains at the forefront of the television industry. The enhancements Hisense has made to its 2018 ULED 4K range continues to provide Australians with feature-packed, high quality products,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

Hisense’s ULED 4K local dimming mimics an OLED panel by allowing for independent dimming and brightening of 1000 different zones across the display, increasing contrast and providing more detailed shadows. Quantum Dot allows a wider colour palette to increase image detail, while the UHD Premium Certification rolls up features such as HDR, Wide Colour Gamut and Ultra Smooth Motion Rate to eliminate motion blur, shimmering and pixelation.

Hisense has also announced a new version of its Smart TV platform for 2018. VIDAA U 2.5 features improved responsiveness, along with a new mobile application for Android and iOS that can act as a remote to customise favourite apps, channels and inputs.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but the months between March and June are normally when new TVs will launch in Australia.

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