Hi-tech umbrella, browsing while you wait

Being stuck in the rain need not be dull, say Japanese researchers who have invented an umbrella capable of capturing and displaying photos and video.

The high-tech umbrella, developed at the Okude laboratory in Tokyo’s Keio University, boasts an integrated digital camera, built-in Wi-Fi and an attached projector.

Still images and video snapped by the contraption are automatically uploaded to Flickr and YouTube respectively, and previously uploaded images are projected above-head on the inside of the umbrella.

Presumably, the user must be within range of a wireless internet hotspot, as the umbrella must connect to the internet in order to access the photo- and video-sharing websites.

According to a site setup to promote the project, dubbed “Pileus”, twisting the umbrella’s grip scrolls through the user’s Flickr photo sets and YouTube videos.

Source: SMH

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