Health Accessories For iPad

  • Measure your blood pressure
  • Measure your glucose levels
  • Take body fat count

iHealth Lab has revealed three new additions to its suite of devices for the iPad – the Smart GlucoMeter, the Wireless Body Fat Scale, and the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.

Users of these products will be able to use the iHealth Cloud Service to back-up and store their results in the cloud.

The iHealth Smart GlucoMeter lets users test blood glucose levels and test, graph and share blood glucose results. The system utilises industry standard test strips and a specially designed iHealth test strip reader that attaches to an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Using the companion iHealth App, users can chart their historical blood glucose readings showing 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day test result averages with colorful, easy-to-read graphics. The App helps automate the management of multiple measurement points in the daily life of a diabetic. They can manage their measurement records, create customised measurement plans, and create medication reminders. Users can also instantaneously share the results with their doctor. Finally, the App features a reference FAQ with helpful information about diabetes mellitus.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor lets users, for the very first time test, track and share their blood pressure – wirelessly. Using their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, they can connect their iOS device via Bluetooth technology to a comfortable, soft blood pressure cuff.

The companion iHealth App includes an easy-to-use interface with data and graphics that allows users to view their blood pressure numbers, track them over time, and run reports. They can easily access historical data sets, view patterns by date and time of day and create custom graphs and charts as well as instantaneously share the results with their doctor, or loved ones. Additionally, the App contains reference FAQs for helpful information about diabetes mellitus.

The iHealth Wireless Body Fat Scale reads and records vital body composition components such as weight, body fat, and muscle mass directly on an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. A design based on human body engineering automates user identification so that multiple users on multiple mobile devices can share a single scale.

With the companion iHealth App, users can track progress and organize records with simple, personalized graph tools. Using the My Plan feature, they can set target goals for weight management. They can also easily share one-time readings or long-term trends with healthcare providers, fitness buddies or friends and family.


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