Headset Designed For Fitness Freaks

  • Share workout info with friends
  • Bluetooth to two devices
  • Rain- and shock-proof

Jabra today announced the launch of the Jabra Sport – a Bluetooth surround sound stereo headset.

Rain-, shock-, dust-proof and wind-shielded to US military-grade level, the unit is claimed to allow sport enthusiasts – from gym-goers to cyclists, rowers to runners – to listen to their favourite tunes and answer calls on the move without the tangle.

Its behind-the-ear shape and cordless design removes all tangle and wires, while three different types of soft silicone ear-gel moulds enable a personalised and secure fit so users can gain the most from their sporting session.

The unit can connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth, meaning users will be able to take a call or listen to music during a gym session or hike. With controls located on the headset and voice playbackthe Jabra Sport eliminates the need to look at your smartphone to switch tunes or answer calls so you can get on with your exercising.

As you would expect it comes with volume controls, a multi-function answer/end and play/pause control, FM radio enabler and controls for the Endomondo Sport Tracker, which is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. With Endomondo’s Instant Feedback function, tap the headset and the unit’s voice guidance will update users on the status of their speed, distance and duration.

The Workout Control function allows you to tap the headset to pause or resume your workout tracking. Endomondo will also allow you to visually track your previous running routes on your smartphone via GPS to keep you on top of your game.

To push your workout further, Endomondo will keep you up-to-date with friends and family, streaming your results live to your Facebook account. The Jabra Sport will automatically read feedback from Facebook friends as they make comments on any workout statuses you’ve shared on the account.

This unit is claimed to be the only stereo Bluetooth headset available that can read out friend’s feedback or workout results live as you’re exercising via the Endomondo Sports Tracker.


  • Wireless Stereo sound (A2DP) and AM3D Power Bass
  • Multi-use allowing you to Connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Up to 4.5 hours of talk time / 3 hours music time
  • Compatible with most Apple iPhones and Android and BlackBerry Smartphones with 3.5mm plug