GPS for your kids announced

Need to keep a close eye on your kids when you’re not there? This new gadget announced at CES will let you do just that.

If there’s one product you won’t hear about at many gadget sites, it’s this one.

Lok8u (Lo-cate-you, get it?) are launching a device today at CES that will allow parents to track their children. Rather than just watching them with their eyes, parents can now strap a children’s wrist-watch with an in-built GPS locater to their sons & daughters to keep a close watch over where they’re going.

The Nu-M8 GPS Child Locater is being described as an “innovating new best friend for parents and children”. With the ability to send an SMS from your mobile phone and get a message back quickly to see where your child is, you might be able to understand why.

Interestingly, much like the bracelets worn by released prisoners or people on parole, the Nu-M8 GPS Child Locater also comes with the feature to send you an alert if the watch is ever “forcibly removed”.