Google Tries To Rain On Bing’s Parade

On the day that Microsoft’s Bing search engine is launched, Google lets us know about a new app

Last Friday Microsoft held a press conference to let us know about its new search engine, Bing. With the unenviable task of trying to take on the behemoth that is Google, Microsoft believes it might finally have some ammunition to fire at the most popular search engine in the Western World.

Not being a company to sit back while the opposition is trying out some new strokes, Google chose that same day to release Google Wave, a communication app that brings messaging under one roof (hello? Windows Live anyone?).

So how does wave work? Well it will allows users to send waves (not too sure if they mean of the ocean or hand variety). Waves are claimed to be like emails and tweets, and other collaborative documents combined, which are edited in realtime.

Developers claims users can send out invitations, play games, and drag and drop photos into a Wave from a hard drive.

According to website TechCrunch Wave is “similar to what programs like Seesmic Desktop are doing by bringing Twitter and Facebook accounts into one window, but it’s all in your browser (Yup, that means Mac support), and offers far more scope”.