Panasonic Memory Cards Made For Speed

A new set of SDHC cards from Panasonic for HD recording

Panasonic Australia’s new gold and silver series of SDHC memory cards have been designed for high-capacity media, according the company.

The gold series is the first to adopt the new Class 10 speed specification standardised by the SD Card Association (part of SD Card Specification Ver.3.0), designed to accommodate future advancements in higher resolution consecutive shooting and HD video recording and playback.

It offers data transfer speeds of 22 MB/s (megabytes per second), and is designed for high-speed continuous shooting, allowing large amounts of data to be written continuously to the card until it is full.
The Series includes four models, the RP-SDW04G (4GB), RP-SDW08G (8GB), RP-SDW16G (16GB) and RP-SDW32G (32GB). The 32GB SDHC memory card is perfect for High Definition content as it can record up to 8 hoursii of Full HD video, or over 10,000 images shot at 12 megapixel resolution.

The 32GB SDHC memory card can record up to 8 hoursii of Full HD video, or over 10,000 images shot at 12 megapixel resolution. In addition to high-speed data capture, the new cards also allow for high-speed data transfer to a PC, providing convenient connectivity options for consumers.

Panasonic’s silver series comes with Class 4 speed classification, with upgraded maximum data transfer speeds of up to 20MB/s. This range includes the RP-SDP02G (2GB), RP-SDP04G (4GB), RP-SDP08G (8GB), RP-SDP12G (12GB) and the RP-SDP16G (16GB).

Panasonic’s SDHC memory cards work with the company’s SD Link networking technologies, allowing capture, storage and viewing of memories.

With SD Link, Panasonic users can capture, view and archive images and video via a range of Panasonic products, including Lumix cameras, camcorders, Blu-ray and DVD recorders and Viera TVs.

By inserting the Panasonic SD Card into a 2009-series VieraTV, users can create a super-sized digital photo frame or view AVCHD HD movies without a PC or any additional software.


RP-SDW04G (4GB) $64.95

RP-SDW08G (8GB) $119
RP-SDW16G (16GB) $249

RP-SDW32G (32GB) $699

RP-SDP02G (2GB) $19.95

RP-SDP04G (4GB) $31.95

RP-SDP08G (8GB) $59.95

RP-SDP12G (12GB) $89.95

RP-SDP16G (16GB) $119