Google Teams Up With SUNA

Intelematics Australia will provide current traffic information from its SUNA Traffic Channel service to Google.

Traffic information provider, Intelematics will be using its SUNA service to deliver Google Maps current information on traffic congestion levels on Australia’s east coast roads.

“This new feature on Google Maps adds to a growing number of SUNA-supported applications and products, making it one of the most used sources of real-time traffic information in the country,” Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics Australia. “Making congestion information accessible will help Google Maps’ users to check likely travel times on the web before they head out on the road, helping them avoid unexpected delays and, where feasible, arrive at their destination sooner.”

The SUNA service adopted by Google Maps allows for congestion information to be viewed for the first time for some regional areas, in addition to the state capitals on the Eastern Australian seaboard.

“This means that in addition to covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Google Maps can now incorporate information on congestion levels in Wollongong, the Central Coast, Geelong and the Sunshine Coast,” said Game.

SUNA evaluates traffic information from a wide range of sources including in-road sensors and cameras located throughout covered cities. In particular, SUNA leverages real-time data extracted from the traffic light control infrastructure in each state.

The live traffic information provided to Google Maps via the SUNA service is calculated using a traffic model that determines the average delay for each road segment. The model includes smoothing and other statistical techniques to ensure that only persistent congestion, likely to impact many motorists, is factored in to the data feed. Short-lived transitory delays are filtered out where possible.

The information provided to Google Maps is one of the SUNA Data Services – a web based application programming interface (API), supplying traffic and motorist related data feeds. Part of this feed is the congestion information that Google Maps will use to update road traffic conditions every few minutes.