Wii Gets More Spore

EA adds another dimension to the Spore franchise, this time taking aim at the Wii market

Spore Hero is an action-adventure game created exclusively for the Wii, which is set in the vibrant 3D world of spore.

Spore Hero empowers the player to become a hero as they embark on an epic quest to save their creature’s home planet from destruction. Along this journey, players will engage in challenging battles and solve puzzles to collect and unlock more than 250 new creature parts, all with unique abilities. These parts, which can be used to customise creatures in the revolutionary Spore Creature Creator, can change the way creatures will play and fight in the world.

Players can also utilise their brawling skills in a dynamic multiplayer mode, where they battle their friends with their own customised creature to become the baddest Spore hero around.