Google Reader for your Wii

The Google Reader team has put together a Wii-centric version of Google Reader that makes it easy to bring your Google Reader feeds to your TV.

Approximately two years ago, Google launched their first RSS reader to the public. Initial reactions were interesting but most users claimed that the service was underwhelming and couldn’t compete with other sites such as Bloglines or Newsgator.

Google has since taken it a step further and released a Nintendo Wii-centric reader to be used on your TV. Reader for Wii (or Google Wiider, as some have called it) requires the Opera-based Wii Internet Channel and takes full advantage of your Wii remote for all sorts of cool navigation options, meaning you can navigate Google Reader on your Wii with as much ease as if you were sitting at your computer.

If you get a chance to setup the reader, you’ll also notice that Reader on the Wii takes advantage of the famous Wiimote:

  • up/down: scroll up/down
  • right/left: next/previous item
  • 1 button: show subscriptions
  • 2 button: show links

When showing subscriptions:

  • up/down: previous/next subscription
  • right: select current subscription
  • left: close
  • -/+: collapse/expand folder

If you’d like to try the Reader interface in a regular browser, visit to go into Wii mode. The Wiimote buttons all have keyboard equivalents (e.g. the “1” key for the 1 button).

Source: Official Google Reader blog

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